Springhill Main Street

The Springhill Main Street program supports revitalization and economic growth in the Main Street District of Downtown Springhill.  Businesses in this district can find support thorugh grants, tax credits, and events held in the district. Main Street follows the "Main Street Approach"--a strategy that combines art and science: communities first need to learn about the local economy, its primary drivers, and its regional context (the science), but they also need to convey that special sense of place through storytelling, preserving the older and historic structures that set it apart, broad and inclusive civic engagement, and marketing (the art). To support this powerful network, Louisiana Main Street has a revitalization framework—the Main Street Approach—that helps communities leverage both the art and science of downtown revitalization to create a better quality of life for all.

We do this through the 4-Points: Organization, Promotion, Design, & Economic Vitality. Each point relies on the other for success. Also, each of the 4-points are considered with every action the Main Street board takes. To volunteer or to learn more, visit the Main Street Office at the address below. 

Listed below are current Grant Offerings and their downloadable forms. 


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